If you’ve been pondering the thought of getting into the VR space but haven’t had any hands-on time to figure out if it’s really for you, then Alienware are on hand to provide an opportunity to answer those lingering doubts. Though you will have to be near Sydney to attend.

cityhunter01Running for free for the next two weeks to celebrate the opening of an ongoing campaign, Alienware Live AU will bring a collection of the gaming technology giant’s lineup, including a handful dedicated to VR on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, to City Hunter Cyber Cafe in Chatswood, Sydney. The partnership with City Hunter will allow local gamers the chance to enjoy the latest within the comfort of the well respected cyber cafe scene, with a ton of new technology on show. It’s all part of Alienware’s 20 year anniversary, to which we say ‘have a good one!’

You will need to book for your chance to try the VR experience (again, for free!) over the next two weeks, but don’t panic too much if you miss out (or don’t live in Sydney) as there’s more ahead, and more than just VR on show.

City Hunter and Alienware will be setting up the dedicated space with 28 PC’s and VR displays for an ongoing experience, featuring many of Alienware’s bad boys including the Area-51 desktop. You can book ahead of time and pay for it at minimal cost to your bank account, especially when compared to the costs of a complete gaming rig and VR headset of your own. It’s a really affordable way to play the games you want, plus save some money for the ‘other’ essentials.

Check into the website if you’re keen and be sure to book your time with the VR space this or next weekend if you want to take advantage of the free opportunity while it lasts. City Hunter are also planning to expand to other markets in Australia real soon, so keep those fingers crossed and we might see the partnership reach other states as well.


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson.

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