Twenty years ago, America’s political system became so corrupt that it almost destroyed the entire country. In order to prevent the nation’s collapse, the Supreme Court was forced to ban all humans from politics. Cats were the natural replacement…


Cat President: A More Purrfect Union is a ‘clawsome’ visual novel packed full of humour, romance and cute pictures of cats. You play as an ordinary teenage girl looking for work after your college dreams didn’t quite pan out. But when you stumble backstage during a national debate, you discover a bunch of talking cats that are running for President and each one wants to hire you as campaign manager.

Help your cat gain the top job and who knows, maybe you will find true love. There are six main storylines to play through, one for each candidate. Each has multiple endings. The candidates are:

•    Kale – the shy one
•    Dr Nom-Noms – The nice guy
•    Thunderpaw – the meanie
•    Frisky – the flirt
•    DJ Nibbles – the troublemaker
•    Rover – may be a dog


Cat President is developed by Oh, A Rock! Studios who wrote a script 350 pages long! Their game may or may not have been inspired by Hatoful Boyfriend. It’s available now on Steam.

Michael Vane is a freelance journalist, cat enthusiast and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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