Dear Reader,

Because running with them is dangerous, fool! Anyway, welcome to Editor’s Note, my own personal blog here on PN2 where I share with you what’s happening within and around the site and the team. I’ll do my best to make this a regular occurrence, depending on what’s happening and what needs to be shared.

For starters, we’ve opened our Patreon page! This will hopefully compliment my own personal income in order to keep the site running and growing. I’m not expecting a huge number from it, at least not from the off, given we’re still in what I call the ‘development’ stage of the site. We’re still growing our numbers, adding team members and finding our identity, but so far things have been going well. I wasn’t entirely sure whether to run a Patreon page or not, but it’s up there as a secondary element that will adapt to suit what we’re doing here and provide readers a chance to become a closer part of our community, plus get access to content sooner.

You can find the Patreon page here. If you’re willing to help us grow, please consider donating. It isn’t much and every little bit counts to ensuring we’re still around for some time to come whilst giving something back to you, and to my amazing writing team.

Speaking of which, we have a regular crew that’s continuing to deliver, but we’re going to be introducing a number of regular columns to the site shortly. That’s one of the key goals I had for the site, original content and longer pieces that will have readers coming back each week. Whilst we’ve been able to publish a handful of smaller news pieces and reviews each week, the longer articles are an important stepping stone in evolving our identity. I’ll have more on this shortly, but keep a close watch on the site and our twitter feed for any quick fire updates as we finalise things.

We’re also going to be introducing our new Podcast this September. We’ve settled on a title, the PN2 Party Chat, and it will play host to some fun conversations on what we’re playing, what’s in the news and our love of this industry as a whole. My sultry Irish accent will soon be available for all to listen to!

A few minor updates to wrap up. Yes, my own game development still exists but for the time being has taken a back seat as I put my time and effort into PN2 itself. Secondly, we will be creating new video content on our YouTube page soon as well, with Let’s Plays and specials amongst them.

That’s all I’ve got for now. As I said, I’ll try to keep this coming on a regular basis. We’ve proven our potential as a news site, but now we’re getting ready to become a feature power in the local scene. Stay tuned and thank you for reading!

Mark (@Mark_D_Isaacson)

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