Over the past two years, Two Tribes, the developer behind such titles as Toki Tori and Swords & Soldiers, have been hard at work finishing their latest title called RIVE. The Netherlands-based company founded back in the early 2000’s, has more than fifteen years of experience and success developing games over many various platforms from Windows to the WiiU. They have also collaborated with many other notable gaming companies like Capcom and Team17.

It’s a hard task for any Indie studio to maintain a competitive and innovative enterprise, even a company with an impressive history like Two Tribes. But, such is the volatile gaming industry, the company has dealt with many ups and downs during its time. As a result of some unfortunate events, they have decided to press the reset button and announce that RIVE will be their final game.

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RIVE has been self-described as a two-dimensional platformer like Metroid, albeit in a more linear fashion, blended with a twin stick shooter, similar to games like Halo: Spartan Assault or Dead Nation. It’s a slick and fast-paced shooter cross platformer, that will really get your blood pumping.

So what’s the story? After waking up in the middle of an asteroid field, the space jockey Roughshot, a gruff talking, cigar-chomping pilot of the Spider Tank, finds himself stranded inside an unknown starship filled with aggressive sentinel beings blocking his escape.

What is it and why is it here? To unearth the answers to these questions, Roughshot must navigate his way through a series of claustrophobic hulls and narrow spaces, in a constant search for kerosene to refuel his ship, and exterminate any dangerous hazards along the way. But, if you’re not interested, a quick blast of hot lead into the annoying story drone will solve this problem and allow the action to continue.

Your Jedi reflexes will only keep you alive for so long. You’ll need to upgrade your arachnid space crawler with additional armour and special attacks. These attacks, like the Falcon or Tesla, will be vital in the life or death situations found inside the derelict space station. The game also features a hacking mechanic to help ensure survival. This will give you access to a few robot buddies that will follow you for a limited amount of time, much like the “familiars” in the Castlevania series.

The game allows for the use of a gamepad or keyboard and mouse control schemes. Both of these setups work as an equally efficient way of destroying the hostile drones. To keep things interesting, some extra game modes will be included in the eventual release, a single credit mode, a speed run mode for the super competitive, and, if RIVE wasn’t already challenging enough, a brutal mode for all the masochist’s out there.

As a final hurrah from Two Tribes, RIVE is shaping up to be an exciting and well-polished game. It’s not too often that we can report on developers who manage to exit the industry on their own terms. Usually, it’s a case of a company take over, but at least this time, it will end on a more positive note. We at PN2 would like to give a final standing salute to all those remaining at Two Tribes working their guts out on their final masterpiece. God speed for whatever lies in the future and thank you for your contributions to our never ending need for video entertainment.

RIVE launches in September this year. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!


Tim Pearce is a freelance journalist and contributor to PN2. Go say hi over on MeatBaitMedia!

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