Local Perth product Star Hammer 2: The Vanguard Prophecy has locked in its hyper jump trajectory to the Xbox realm, earl grey tea and all … and that’s just some of the sci-fi references I’ll be using in this article.

Tactical space battles are the aim of this game within full 3D environments, where you’ll be fighting off the enemy (or other players) by commanding your fleet. You’ll be able to issue orders and manage your crew to get the most out of their special traits in battle, boosting morale in the process. You can be hardcore offensive or intelligently astute, but don’t go too over the top as you might find yourself open to counter-attacks. God help you if it’s a trap!

Star Hammer 2 has previously been released on PC, Mac and iPad, and now its set to engage on consoles from tomorrow, a nice surprise to end this wormhole of a week. Hopefully the controls will be able to energise over to the Xbox One gamepads appropriately (there aren’t many RTS style games out there at the moment to compare it to, though Microsoft are set to launch Halo Wars 2 early next year and the recent beta over E3 week proved that the genre can thrive here).

All the best to Black Lab Games out of my home state here in Perth on the launch! I’ll be checking the game out so keep an eye out for a future review. Star Hammer 2 is also slated for a release soon on PS4.


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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