DATA_DISCS-061_crop_for_website_1024x1024This Saturday (tomorrow) Data Discs is releasing the vinyl soundtrack to one of the greatest beat em ups of the 1980s. Sega’s classic Golden Axe will be available in a limited edition pressing featuring two thick lithographic prints, and the record itself pressed on heavyweight translucent gold vinyl. The soundtrack for Golden Axe II is also included but it’s best to forget about that game.

Data Discs stated that “The outer sleeve features rare artwork from the 1989 Japanese edition, sourced from the SEGA archives and presented on 425gsm cardstock with gold flood printing.” The audio was also restored and remastered ensuring the greatest sound quality possible.

The Golden Axe soundtrack is available for £19.99.

The track listing is available below

Golden Axe
A1. The Battle / A2. Wilderness / A3. Battlefield / A4. Thief’s Theme / A5. Old Map / A6. Turtle Village I / A7. Fiend’s Path / A8. Turtle Village II / A9. Death Adder / A10. Showdown / A11. Conclusion / A12. Sutakora, Sassa! / A13. Game Over

Golden Axe II
B1. Character Select / B2. Ravaged Village / B3. Boss / B4. Magician Stage / B5. Crystal / B6. Ancient Ruins / B7. Enemy’s Headquarters / B8. Dragon’s Throat / B9. Boss / B10. The Castle Gate / B11. Castle of Dark Guld / B12. Death Adder II / B13. All Clear / B14. Staff Roll / B15. Result / B16. Game Over

If you preferred Sega’s gritty 80s beat ’em up Streets of Rage, Data Discs has repressed the soundtrack in translucent red, along with vinyl soundtracks for Shenmue, Shinobi III and Outrun. You can check them all out here.

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