It would be hard to argue that Pokemon Go has been anything but a blockbuster success this summer. Since its release less than two months ago, Pokemon Go has earned more than $440 million in gross worldwide revenue according to app marketing site, SensorTower. Despite the recent drop of active users, Niantic’s mobile game has earned the company more than $300 million dollars. SensorTower reports the game brought in more than $100 million between now and the beginning of August.

Let’s do some comparisons. This summer hasn’t been the biggest in terms of successful movie releases. Flops like the Ghostbusters re-make and Now You See Me 2 earned less than half of Pokemon Go this summer. Sensor Tower and Box Office Mojo results show that Pokemon Go out earned Warcraft, Independence Day 2, The Angry Birds Movie, Ghostbusters, and Star Trek: Beyond (oh my).


Many news outlets were quick to publish articles surprised at the popularity of Pokemon Go, releasing ‘the sky is falling’ articles in the process. Such drop-offs in active users for such a popular game are inevitable, especially for a free game. More countries are only just gaining access, but the roll-out phase is almost complete. Soon, Niantic will need to start releasing significant additions to keep current users engaged. Recent updates haven’t been encouraging, however, as the in-game tracking system (or lack thereof) continues to frustrate gamers. Rumoured features include Pokemon trading, the release of more Pokemon to catch, and improvements to gyms and battling systems. Data-miners have also discovered a new feature that may be introduced, digging up code that suggests Pokemon will soon be able to walk around with you on the map screen.

And let’s not forget all of the speculation behind the as-of-yet unseen legendary creatures such as Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, and Mewtwo (if they introduce Mew, I’m all over it like a bad rash – Ed.)

With any luck, Niantic will take player feedback to heart and make improvements sooner rather than later. There’s massive potential for growth and new features, nevermind a good 600 other Pokemon that could eventually be added. Only time will tell if Pokemon Go will be the very best, like no other app ever was, or if it will be the Flappy Bird that comes and goes before you realise it. We sure hope it’s the former.


Tyler Davis a gaming writer and contributor to PN2. Go say hi on Twitter @TDavis179

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