Deer Editor: Hack is significantly more than a play on words. It’s an ‘antler noir’ comic about an anthropomorphic deer journalist/editor for the crime beat ‘The Truth’. He just happens to also be a deer.

Bucky, our protagonist, goes on a cross-country road trip “returning to Sheltered Cove to settle a score with an old nemesis, and then sets out on a rescue mission which devolves into something else very quickly.”

Deer Editor: Hack is a 48 page black & white mature reader’s comic that closes out the overall three issue arc of Deer Editor, wrapping up threads from the debut one-shot and the second issue titled Fearless. You can secure a PDF copy right now on Kickstarter for just $1.

If you want to read the entire three-issue-arc a $3 pledge will net you all three when Hack is released in October. For the Deer Editor enthusiast, there’s plenty more pledge options for pin-up artworks and an audio reading of the story. Deer Editor: Hack has already hit its funding goal so every stretch goal reached from here on out will add a one-shot story rewarding you with more bang for your buck (pun intended).

Deer Editor is created by two gents: Sami Kivelä an artist from Finland and writer Ryan K Lindsay from Canberra. The third issue is already 100% complete and ready to be delivered once the Kickstarter wraps up. The comic is digital only because posting overseas is ridiculously expensive.

There’s over 20 days remaining in the campaign so plenty of time for you to pledge. You can check it out here.


Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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