Mojang has released the next (and hopefully not the last) Minecraft mini-game, Tumble. Like Battle before it, it’s a competitive arena mode that takes elements of the tried and true world of blocks and changes things up a little. And it looks awesome.

Battle mode seemed a little too familiar in a way, something that would fit in with just about any other kind of game out there, but Tumble looks like something that would only work within this crazy world building … world. Here’s how it works; each player must destroy the land beneath their feet in order to try and knock the opposition into a lava pit below. And that’s about it, but you can tell it’s far more a Minecraft concept this time, the fact that your only real weapon is either a shovel or snowballs and you’re playing a dangerous game of block destroying instead of just fighting with swords.

So that makes two mini-games in Minecraft now, which got me thinking about other mini-games ideas in the process. Since there’s a way to fly now, it would be cool to have a flying game where the objective is to start at the top of the world and be the first to float down through various markers to the ground … so, Pilotwings in Minecraft. Also some kind of go-kart spin on the minecarts would be a blast. In fact, just create a kart racer using all the different weapons from the game, I’d buy that in a heart beat (pretty sure there’s a PC mod out there that already accomplishes this dream, correct me if I’m wrong.)

Minecraft: Tumble can be downloaded for free on pretty much every platform Minecraft is available on.

Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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