rungun01Imagine if the lead character from Jetpack Joyride decided to go on an acid trip. Weird as that sounds, it does in a way explain the premise behind RunGunJumpGun, a new platformer developed by ThirthyThree and published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment.

Armed with a gravity-defying gatling gun, your sole aim is to survive each level. Thankfully, despite how difficult and twitchy they may be, the controls are quite simple. One button has you shooting downwards, keeping you off the ground and propelling you forward, whilst a second button shoots out towards whatever enemies may dare come into your path. You’ll need to balance your timing between both buttons in order to not only stave off said enemies or obstacles, but to stay afloat and moving.

The story goes the big bad Sun of the Extax System has begun to swell and eat nearby planets. Those who survive on the planets that remain are going mental, calling superstition after theory as to why the Sun has betrayed them. The only means of survival is the most important element within the system, Atomiks, which is where you come in. As an outsider, you want Atomiks for yourself, though it’s not initially suggested as to why. You’ll just have to play to find out.

The Jetpack Joyride comparison isn’t far off, considering the basic premise of that game is to use a similar device to keep you off the ground. RunGunJumpGun takes the basic ‘endless runner’ concept and turns it up a notch, taking elements from shoot ’em ups and inspiration from indie titles such as Downwell and throwing it together with some heavy 80’s psychedelic imagery not unlike Hotline Miami (which makes sense, considering a lot of the key art was drawn by El Huervo, who you may remember also created the cover art for said Hotline Miami).

RunGunJumpGun released on September 1st on PC and Mac. If you want to pick it up on Steam, you might find a lucky discount for the game if you already own the likes of Downwell or Hotline Miami, thanks to a partnership between Gambitious and Devolver Digital. There’s also a special edition available for a few dollars more that includes the soundtrack, high res wallpapers and more.

Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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