Everyone’s playing Overwatch right now, it’s the in thing to do. Even I’ve finally come to understand it, which I’m glad for. So will they have time for Paladins, a new team based shooter from the team that created the equally appealing Smite?
There’s certainly a lot of familiarly. A quick glance and you’ll notice a hardened soldier, a devilish pistol wielder, a guy that uses a chain and another that drives a mech. Yup, definitely familiar. But look deeper, and there’s enough originality to stand it apart from its obvious competition.
For starters, each character can be customised using in-game cards. Unlike Overwatch, this doesn’t really allow for character changes outside of skins and voice packs, and so on, Paladins uses a selection of collectable cards that alter a chosen character’s stats to suit your own play style. Cards can alter the effect of your weapons (from range to fire rate or damage output) to armour boosts and the like. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a change the cards will make to general play, whether it will be as game changing as Titanfall’s system or just minor boosts here or there.
The game itself is a cross between Smite and Overwatch, with team based capture and defend objectives and a points system determined by how you and your team are doing. Ultimately though, it’s down to how each of the heroes play, and thankfully there’s an early opportunity to get into the game and test it out for yourself. You can play now it for free for PC or Mac during the Paladins Open Beta. There’s also a Founder’s pack available for purchase, which gives you access to all of the Champions on the current roster and access to any future Champions added to the game, amongst a few extra bonuses.
So if paying $70 for Overwatch is a little too much, but you want a game that covers all the basis of team play, Paladins seems like an appropriate alternative. Smith certainly has a large fan base, so the hope is that Paladins will grow to similar levels which will guarantee a steady level of content and updates. We’ll have more on Paladins once we get a few games under our belts.
Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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