If you’re a fan of Don’t Starve then you are probably still neck deep in the Don’t Starve Together standalone expansion. If I can steal you away for just a moment, I promise it will be worth it. Don’t Starve has a remarkably good selection of merch available online. Clothing, plushes, vinyl figures and controller skins, which I would say is a lot when you consider KLEI Entertainment is a small indie studio.

The vinyl figure of Wilson is one of the highlights. Standing at 3.5 inches, Survival Wilson comes in a windowed display box and includes a razor accessory and a rock fire pit with translucent flame. There’s even a link to a zip file where you can download a diorama for your vinyl figure. The Don’t Starve controller skins are engineered to fit perfectly around your PS4 and Xbox One controllers and features high quality, full-colour art of the creatures and inhabitants of the don’t starve world.

Plushies. There are lots of plushies. The Beefalo plush toy stands in at 5.5” tall, 9” long and 6.5” wide. Best of all it comes with a stylable beard. The Chester Plush is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. He’s part toy part storage. The spider plush is available in white and black. Both have poseable legs while the white one is a special edition featuring four different hissing sounds when squeezed.


There’s not a lot in the way of clothing, a shirt and beanie, but the toy range makes up for it. Not bad for a game that was released three years ago. You can check out the merch range here.

In other news, Don’t Starve Pocket Edition is currently in Beta on Google Play where it’s 20% off until full release.

Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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