Welcome to eSports Weekly, your wrap on the biggest news in the last week of eSports.

The biggest news out of the past seven days isn’t a competition result or surprise victory, but the major revenue changes coming to League of Legends. Following plenty of feedback and criticism over the past few weeks, developers Riot has responded by ensuring the future of the game is as strong as possible, outlining a number of investment and revenue alterations in an open letter.

Once we’ve seen the growth of fandom in our regional leagues and across the globe, we believe it’s our responsibility to then unlock the sport’s sustainable economic future. Our esports fan community – and your ongoing engagement with the sport – has tangible value and gives us the opportunity to build a profitable and thriving ecosystem for owners and teams. To continue to attract the type of healthy, long-term investment that has helped mature the scene to date and will support the long-term evolution of the sport, we need to unlock new revenue streams. We need to grow the pie so that there’s more for teams and pros.

Riot list a number of potential changes going forward into 2017, suggesting improvements in digital revenue to boost the many prize pools on offer through-out the year. A host of digital in-game goods will be introduced over the next year as well, branded based on the various teams and Champions from the community. It’s fair to say many of the changes are a reflection of the consistent growth in the scene, not just with League of Legends but across the board. More people are watching, more investors are keen to get involved, so it’s only fair that the teams and organisers that have grown with the game get a reasonable share of the pie.

You can read the full open letter here, worth reading if you’re a fan of the game or the community itself. Or have a look at the Yahoo eSports interview below for a more in-depth discussion:


Blizzard has announced the final 16 teams for the Overwatch World Cup. From the US and Germany to Australia and New Zealand, the 16 chosen teams will compete at Blizzcon on October 29th. The Aussie/NZ contingent will be represented by team captain Muselk, who will lead a team of six (Refz, Termo, Kura, Yuki and HeyKatie). We wish them all good luck, and you can check out who they’re going up against via the official website.


If Destiny had an eSport Trophy for its Raids (some kind of giant gold plated Jellyhorn perhaps), then Clan Redeem were easily its champions, beating the Wrath of the Machines raid within three hours of Bungie opening it up to players. It’s a remarkable achievement, especially considering it was a team of three players. You can watch the highlights below:


Finally, a story about the weirdest place to play an eSports tournament (and yet, it still makes perfect sense) … a cruise ship. A number of Chinese teams are currently locked in battle to determine who will proceed to the  Nanyang Dota 2 Championship Cruise Cup #1 aboard the Sapphire Princess. According to tournament director Wang Zilin of KeyTV, only a few tournaments are memorable and they wanted to bring something new and original to the eSports scene. I’m not exactly sure how exciting it might be for those watching on Twitch or YouTube (if the cruise event gets streamed online), unless everyone on board rocks back and forth across the decks, sliding around in a cartoon like fashion …

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