gxlogoGX successfully ran their first ever convention earlier this February in Sydney, and the good news is they are all set to return in 2017 for a bigger and better con.

If you missed it originally, GX is an all inclusive convention, a weekend-long celebration of everything geek culture within a space that’s based on the successful US convention, GaymerX. Australia’s first queer geek and gaming con ran their first Kickstarter campaign to great results in late 2015, in turn running their first convention in back in February of this year. By all accounts the event was a success, and now the team are gearing up for their next event by running a new Kickstarter.

“We had an incredibly inspiring response to the first event, so it went without question that we needed to do it a second time,” that’s Joshua Meadows, Co-Director of GX, “Our goal for GX Australia 2017 is to build on what we created in February 2016, by creating a safe, inclusive, and fun environment for geeks/gamers of all stripes so they can enjoy their hobbies and passions amongst like-minded people.”

Diversity and inclusiveness are the important aspects that sets GX Australia somewhat apart from its fellow gaming and pop culture conventions. Though the likes of PAX and Supanova are supportive and inclusive in their own nature, GX is open to all groups, a welcome addition to the local scene given the environment the world currently finds itself in.

I asked Joshua what key improvements the team are hoping to implement to GX ahead of its return.

“We’ve actively solicited feedback from attendees, vendors — and especially those who weren’t able to attend — and took all of it on board to make our sophomore event even better. We have an improved venue (the Sydney Showgrounds, home to the likes of Supanova and EB Expo) that allows us to make better use of the space we have to create an area that feels both intimate and uncrowded, an even more diverse lineup of local and international guests (Bosses of Honour), and an expanded space for tabletop/card games with curated events and activities taking place during the weekend itself.”

In short, you can expect bigger and better things from GX Australia 2017, and having been to the venue a number of times over the years, I can attest to its larger and more enjoyable space. Plus the train station is right next to the venue this time and far easier to get to, compared to some of the issues patrons may have had during the original event.

The biggest change besides the new venue, of course, is the new dates. GX Australia 2017 will run through April 29-30, compared to the February dates from earlier this year. Why the difference? Despite running at the same time as Sydney’s well known Madi Gras, the new dates reduce the costs of the event to a more reasonable level, allowing the team to provide a better event at a bigger venue.

Speaking of funds, the crowdfunding campaign has just begun and the benefits are big on both sides. Showing your support to help make GX as best it can be can result in some really cool backer rewards, including having your name up in lights on the backer champions wall, an opportunity to join the VIP party or a choice from a number of quality indie titles from the GX Australia Loot Pile. The campaign raised 25% in its first 24 hours and is well on the way of reaching its goal of $60,000.

If you’re keen to the support the group and ensure an early bird price on your ticket, be sure the visit the kickstarter page and get on donating! GX Australia 2017 will run from April 29th to 30th at the Sydney Showgrounds, Homebush. We hope to be there too! Our thanks and good luck to the team for spending the time to answer our brief but highly important questions.

Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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