Thunder Lotus, the studio that created the Indie breakout hit Jotun, has announced the upcoming release of a new game. Sundered is a side-scrolling combat game in with a hand-drawn art style. Similar to the Castlevania and Metroid games, the character will traverse levels, climbing and rolling across platforms while fighting against hordes of enemies as well as monstrous bosses.

The art style is much more visceral than other hand-drawn games getting ready to release, like the Disney-esque Cuphead. Thunder Lotus’ next title looks to mix a dark Samurai Jack aesthetic with haunted, poisoned, and wild environments. Some of the creatures and flora in the brief trailer made the world look some Lovecraftian.


According to the game’s creative director William Dubé, the game will improve on many mechanics from Jotun. “We’ve added more complex mechanics, tons of replayablity, and meaningful choices,” he said. “In terms of gameplay, Sundered can mostly be described as a re-playable Metroidvania, close to Rogue Legacy and Super Metroid. You explore an ever-changing dungeon, fight hordes of eldritch horrors, and choose between humanity or madness.” Indeed, the tagline at the end of the announcement trailer was simply, “Resist or embrace.”

Sundered is set to be released on PS4 and PCs in 2017.

Tyler Davis a gaming writer and contributor to PN2. Go say hi on Twitter @TDavis179

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