There are those days where we want to do something different, to break out from the ordinary and seek something bigger, more exciting. For three Burly Men at Sea, that’s exactly what they hope to find on their adventures.

Set in the Scandinavian waters of the early 20th century, Burly Men at Sea tells a tale through you, the storyteller, as you shape the narrative around these three men and their encounters with strange creatures and beyond.

The colourful adventure plays out like a living storybook, of folk tales and unusual discoveries, as these three unlikely characters (who I had first mistook as three men carrying bags … only to realise that the bags were actually their beards) carry on their quest with pastel shades and humorous background music.

Burly Men at Sea is an amusing tale simply from its looks, a world that’s inviting for adults as well as kids and one we’re definitely going to delve into deeper with a full review later this week, so keep an eye out for that. It all comes to us from the husband and wife team of Brain&Brain, aka David & Brooke Condolora. You can find it on Steam and mobile devices today.

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