Virtual reality and horror seem to go hand in hand with each other. The fear of the unknown mixed with that feeling of an enclosed space, nothing but the in-game world staring back at you. It can be confronting, but for horror fans it’s the perfect solution to what’s been a slightly stagnant problem.

Not that the genre has been in a slump of late. Thanks to the likes of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Death by Daylight, and that constant zombie plague that appears in seemingly ever game you can think of, horror certainly has an audience. But VR is set to change the feelings and emotions that drive such an experience, and later this month Sony are ready to change the game even further with the PlayStation VR and a little game called Here They Lie.

You play as an unnamed character, following a young woman in a gold, glowing dress. What follows is a series of strange events within a black and white city that’s constantly changing and warping around you. There’s little known about the story or the meaning behind this weird and far from colourful world, but there’s plenty to like about its concept. It’s so easy to throw in a few quick scares or a bit of blood to catch people off-guard, it’s another to build tension and weird people out through other, simpler means.

Here They Lie seems like it takes much of its inspiration from the likes of Bioshock in its edgier, unusual looks. Whether the gameplay will be of a similar ilk or this will follow another big trend of late, a slower paced but tension filled walking simulator, it isn’t clearly defined in the below launch trailer. The latter is more likely.

Sony’s attempt at a VR unit depends greatly on the games available, from launch day onward, not specifically just its hardware. Whilst the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have grown the space to new heights, the costs of both units and the equipment required have kept them largely out of the hands of mainstream gamers. If Here They Lie can deliver on its interesting premise, that would surely go a long way in proving the potential of the more affordable VR unit.

We’ll know all that soon enough when the PS VR and Here They Lie arrive in two weeks, October 13th. You’ll be able to download it directly from the PlayStation store on launch day, but for those who struggle with their internet connections (and being in Australia, we know all about that), Here They Lie will arrive physically to stores in November.

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