Prison breaking seems to be a thing again, what with the TV show of the similar name receiving a revival of its own soon, and now Team17 has confirmed The Escapists will be getting a sequel in 2017.

There’s plenty more of the same prison breaking to be expected from The Escapists 2, with a little extra detail in its top-down visuals, but on this occasion Mouldy Toof Studios will also be bringing multiplayer into the mix. Versus and co-op modes will be available in both split-screen and online for up to four players, taking the hectic escaping mechanics to different and hopefully just as entertaining as before. Of course, you can go through the entire game solo, but where’s the fun in that?

There’s the promise of new customisation, weapons and multi-layered prisons as well, but expect a more in-depth look at the game once we’re a little closer to the release date. On that note, no official release date just yet, but 2017 isn’t actually as far away as you might think. The Escapists is available on a number of platforms, including Xbox One and PS4.

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