We mentioned Final Days a little while ago and now it’s ready for your bloody pleasure on Steam Early Access.

For just a couple of dollars you’ll get access to the alpha edition of the top down shooter, that’s all about killing as many undead as you can within incredibly dark surroundings, where the sounds around you can aid your survival. Final Days takes all the modern ideas behind video games, such as destructible environments, and gives it a sort of retro spin at the same time as providing a new experience. It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd in this zombie infested games landscape, but an all out blast fest that also has some brains (heh) behind it is very appealing, especially with the option of playing with four players.

Perth developer Michael De Piazzi recently brought the game up to the Perth Games Festival and by the sounds of it he picked up plenty of fans along the way (myself included, watch for my review soon). Check out the footage below and head over to Steam to check the game out today. And hey, if you’re a local, why not support your local!

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