PartyGolf01The wait is finally over, people! It’s a PN2 favourite, and now you can play it on your PS4.

Party Golf has officially launched on Sony’s console, bringing the multiplayer mini-golf-ish antics along with it from Hobart’s own Giant Margarita. It’s the perfect game to get a handful of friends laughing and playing around, as our previous Let’s Plays can attest to. There’s a ton of different game modes, modifiers and options to make the game that you want to play, with four player versus or up to 8 players with the controller share mode across procedurally generated terrains.

Our suggestions? The most fun we had was changing the shape of our little golf balls, turning them into stars, bananas and at all different sizes. Mix that with an option to turn off gravity, or have the course shrouded in darkness, and it’ll keep every entertained for hours. Honestly, there are so many options, it’ll take you a long time to play them all, each one providing a different kind of experience. Experiment and see what suits you and your player base best.

You can pick up Party Golf now on your PS4 console, but luckily there’s also a full release on Steam soon too.

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