Some surprises scare, other’s are just a lot of fun … and there’s Outlast 2, which has somehow managed to put to two together. Kinda.

Despite being delayed into 2017, Red Barrels Studio has released a new demo on both the European and Australian PlayStation stores (no word on if and when it might drop for our US readers, sorry about that), which supposedly is the same demo that was shown a little while ago at PAX East. It’s a welcome distraction for horror fans as they impatiently wait on some big games in the genre, or perhaps those who aren’t interested in Mafia 3 which launches this week. It also goes someway to covering for its delay, hopefully this will help to quell those fans who are impatiently waiting for their deadly fix.

Outlast 2 doesn’t have a fixed release date as yet, but the sequel certainly has those same icky, dark feels as its predecessor if the trailer is anything to go by. If you haven’t played the original or are just curious as to what it might all be about, be sure to download the demo and let us know what you think in the comments below. Or you can chicken out and watch the trailer instead … whatever floats your boat.

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