It was Dungeons, dice and danger aplenty last month as players from around Australia and abroad converged upon the University of Australia to kick off the 8th season of Paizo’s enduringly popular Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild the Year of the Stolen Storm.

For the players it was a time of celebration and relaxation while for the world of Golarion it was high stakes once again. Travelling further than they ever have before the members of the Pathfinder Society found themselves within the cold reaches of space upon the comet known as Aucturn’s Tear, defending their world from the machinations of the malevolent elemental overlords. This year the multi-table event also came with a unique twist, for the first time ever players of the role playing game would be working together with the players of the Pathfinder Adventure card game in a cross format experience never seen before.


Conditions upon the comet were extreme with zones of blistering heat and crippling cold testing even the most hardened of adventurers.The battle was hard fought with over 50 of the society’s members working together to combat the extra-planar menace. Lives were lost, legends were made and in the end the day belonged to the Pathfinders with the elementals driven off and the threat redirected away from Golarion leaving the world safe once more.

Complementing the opening game was the convention’s opening ceremony consisting of a digital Q and A with Pathfinder Society developers followed by a charity auction with the proceeds going towards the cerebral palsy foundation. Assisting with the auction was a local cosplayer  dressed as Paizo’s iconic sorcerer Seoni.

With the opening ceremony and epic multi-table game behind them it was time for the Pathfinders to divide and go their separate ways with a variety of scenarios both old and new being run across the weekend. To the special few that had risen beyond the level of the average pathfinder went the privilege in taking part in the running of Paizo’s first dedicated seeker content (designed for players of 12th level and beyond) with the “All for Immortality” trilogy taking the veterans on a adventure of discovery as they attempt to solve the disappearance of several vials of sun orchid elixir en route to the desert kingdom of Thuvia.


Alongside the adventures of the Pathfinder Society the game masters also had several convention only games available with scenario’s “PFS 6-98: Serpents Rise” and “PFS 7-98: Serpents’ Ire” which continue the story of several members of rival organisation the Aspis consortium that began with the Season 6 special “Siege of Serpents”. For fans of Golarion’s scaly citizens 5 Star GM Sean Wellsmore was quick to provide with Society special “PFS 6-99: True Dragons of Absalom” a tale of traps and trepidation centred around a tribe of Kobolds living beneath the streets of Absalom – The city at the centre of the world.

As the event came to a close after three days of play many were looking forward to heading home, their bags filled with loot and their hearts filled with tales of Adventure, others were eager to continue but alas all good things must come to an end and so it was for Paizocon. With a new year of Adventure ahead and the threat of the elemental overlords still in the back of their minds the Pathfinder Society cast their gaze forwards towards an uncertain future..

Chris Senz is a gaming writer and contributor to PN2.

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