Waaaaaay back at last year’s PAX, I got the chance to check out Blockpocalypse, a multiplayer platformer that had me in stitches. With its over-the-top, end of the world scenarios combined with four players working together or competing against each other to build platforms up towards freedom, it seemed like a winning formula.

The team at Dime Studios most definitely agree, and now they’ve released the game on Steam’s Early Access program for all to play. Given the game seemed pretty much complete when I saw it so long ago, I admit that I’m a little surprised that it’s only an early access title. But according to the team, it isn’t to iron out any kinks, the game itself runs rather smoothly. If anything, it’s the opportunity to get feedback from a higher number of players, either to balance gameplay or to add new features.

We believe Early Access, when used right, provides a unique opportunity for developers and players to work together, and build something grand that everyone feels a part of.

– Dime Studios (via the official Steam page)

It’s a fair point. Why release a game in full when you can provide an opportunity for players to really be a part of the experience, giving back to the developers and perhaps influencing the final product in the process. Just look at games like Ark: Survival Evolved, which I think has been in early access since the program began (I’m fairly sure I’m wrong … but it certainly feels that way).

Blockpocalypse does go down the retro root, but I love the fact that it emphasises building over simply punching or shooting. It’ll arguably be more fun to screw someone over with a bad block placement than it is working together, but that’s part of its charm. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re tired of the usual four player brawlers owning Steam right now. Or if you just want to watch your friends burn.

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