Welcome to eSports Weekly, your wrap on the biggest news in the last week of eSports.

seam-2016-1-300x143Street Fighter has been a key player in the tournament scene for so long, it seemed rather obvious that it would continue to play a part in the modern eSports growth. With Street Fighter V hitting earlier this year, the anticipation of a whole new scene was high and, despite the game maybe not doing as well as expected, it seems to be as strong as ever if the past week is anything to go by.

As a part of the Capcom Pro Tour, the South East Asia Major 2016 played host to some of the best Street Fighter players from around the world, including current ranking leader Infiltration and Daigo Umehara, a Guinness World Record holder as the most successful Street Fighter tournament player and current #6. Also known as The Beast, Daigo will long be remembered for pulling off what’s considered to be the best comeback in any fighting game final, something that’s been talked about multiple times over the years, from way back in 2004. You can check that video out further down.

Street Fighter V has had a busy week, having also been in the headlines during the Brooklyn Beatdown last weekend as well. Held alongside the CS:GO tournament (which we talked about previously), the ESL offline tournament brought the best together for a $75,000 pot. Whilst not an official Capcom Pro Tour event, plenty of big names took part, with Xiaohai as Cammy beating Momochi’s Ken in the final. You can check out Xiaohai in action below courtesy of the ESL YouTube channel.

Street Fighter has come along way since I first starting playing SFII way back when. Everything’s at a much faster pace these days, though it’s not just about pulling off special moves over and over either. Precision and patience play just as important a part, and Ken/Ryu are still as relevant today as they ever have been.

The Capcom Pro Tour is currently in full swing, with events across the globe including ranking events in Spain and Dubai recently too. There’s plenty of other events coming up to round out the year, including the Capcom Cup in Anaheim this December. Be sure to keep a close watch on Twitch for all the action as it unfolds.

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