If I had the ear of a giant that could shape the land around me, I’d probably ask it to build the NBN faster, maybe add an extra lane to the freeway so I get to work faster and build a grand park in my image. Since that will never come to pass, I can at least live out my dreams of befriending a giant and making a world of my own in Reus, which is headed to consoles this week.

Reus has you creating mountains, forests and oceans and maintaining plant and animal life with the help of powerful giants. The catch? You can’t control mankind, who will take your gifts in ways you may like or dislike, whether you want them to or not. While they may thrive in your world, greed may take over your resources, or anger if there isn’t enough for them. It’s a delicate balance that will have you trying more than once to reach the improbable goal of a Utopia.

Originally released by Abbey Games on Steam back in 2013, Reus has plenty of fans of its colourful and creative use of the God-sim genre, and it will soon find a new audience on Xbox One and PS4 this October 14th. Soedesco are handling publishing duties both digitally and physically, though I’d suggest buying digitally since (and let’s be honest) some times games don’t quite make it to Australian shores as quickly as others. But of all the big releases this week (PS VR included), Reus should most definitely be on your radar if you’re a fan of world builders or quirky and colourful adventures.

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