It must be really hard to be a fan of Star Citizen. On the one hand, there’s so much to look forward to, so many things that can come together to create a truly exciting experience. On the other, there’s another No Man’s Sky in the making, if all these delays and uncertainties continue. Obviously not suggesting such a thing might happen … but who knows.

Let’s take that first hand for a second. CitizenCon 2016 (also known as CitizenCon 2946) just rolled by over the weekend, an event that not only showcased the future of the game but also celebrated four years since one of the most successful (if not the most successful) crowdfunding campaigns for a video game began. It’s quite impressive to think that a game this long in development and currently only in an Alpha state can have this kind of an impact and audience, which just goes to show how broad the paint strokes are in its budding concepts.

Below is a full two hours of Star Citizen as presented at the show. If you’re a fan or just curious, it’s worth checking out:

And then there’s the other hand. During the weekend, it was confirmed that the single player campaign known as Squadron 42 has been delayed to an unspecified future date. It’s a painful pill to swallow, especially given the expectations of a pre-Christmas launch. What’s worse, the reason for the delay was due to many of the levels still falling under the ‘preliminary grey-box testing’ phase. In other words, it’s still a while away.

The reality of Star Citizen’s situation is of a long, drawn out development schedule for a highly ambitious and compelling title. The hype surrounding it may never reach that No Man’s Sky level, but it’s certainly been consistently high (it’s drawn more than $65 million in funding over its lifetime, and that’s continually growing, after all).

But the concern constantly lingers. For all the big, exciting things and a slowly building alpha, there’s a delay and another reason to worry. Some alphas may seem like they last a lifetime (Minecraft was in an early alpha and beta stage for quite some time, whilst Ark: Survival Evolved is still in early access), but hopefully this one will pay off big time once the big red button is finally pushed. Until then, we’ll have to wait, watch and be as patient as possible. For as a Star Citizen fan, patience is a lightspeed virtue.

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