I100ftrobot01‘ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we do love our golf games here at PN2. So it makes sense that the launch of the PlayStation VR this week has a golf game, just to appease us (of course). Except this golf game makes all the others look like ants … and that totally makes sense when you’re 100ft in the air.

100ft Robot Golf is extremely easy to advertise in name only. You’ll be playing for birdie’s and pars in your own giant mech in a real-time golfing event across a number of different courses and locations, including underwater and on the moon. The story mode tells the tale of these courageous robot golfers in true 90’s Anime style, and that alone sells it for me given I’m a Voltron fan AND an Anime fan.

The golf itself looks like it’ll be on par (heh) with the best golf games, but let’s be honest, it’s all about the robots and smashing the world around you to get to the hole the quickest. At least here, you can move aside your obstacles (be they buildings or trees) without having to resort to Mulligans.

The key to 100ft Robot Golf’s enjoyment will be in its PS VR implementation. Whilst you can play the entire game in a traditional sense, if you have Sony’s new hardware handy, you’ll be able to play from the perspective of your chosen robot. Smashing and swinging will take on a whole new meaning once you see things from on high, looking down on the world and stomping your way to a low score. Tiger Woods has nothing on a Megazord.

100ft Robot Golf is already available ahead of the PlayStation VR launches this Thursday, courtesy of No Goblin out of Seattle, Washington. If you don’t have a VR waiting for you, you can still play and enjoy the full experience with your old, ‘traditional’ methods if you so choose. It’s been on my must play list for a while now, and soon I’ll hopefully have a PS VR of my own so I can tell you exactly what it feels like to be the world’s best robot golfer. Stay tuned for that soon.

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