Armello is a game of strategy in a fantasy world full of cute, dangerous and colourful characters. It’s also a game that’s proud of its designs and its achievements, hence why there’s a complete line of figures you can buy too, which put some of Nintendo’s Amiibo designs to shame (well … not all of them. Wolf Link still kicks ass).

The figures can be picked up from the official Armello store, created by EUCL3D, a 3D printing merch company out of San Francisco which took the 3D models from the game and re-created them in physical forms. Surprisingly, you can actually choose two different figure sizes, but the designs are picture perfect when compared to their in-game counterparts.


Now to be fair, the collection doesn’t come cheap ($49.99 for the smaller size), but considering how expensive 3D printing can be, it’s not really that much to ask when you think about it. Besides, if you’re a fan of the game, it’s cool to have some physical copies of the characters. Which makes me wonder, maybe Aussie studio League of Geeks could make a physical board game version of Armello. I mean, they’re already half way there…

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