Welcome to the PN2 Ambassador Program, an opportunity for younger players and budding writers to get gain some much needed experience and feedback on their skills and techniques, and a chance for gamers of all ages to share their Play Nice moments.

What is the PN2 Ambassador Program?

It’s simple really. There are so many websites that exist within the realm of games journalism, whether they are written word or video. Very few, however, allow for young or what could be considered ‘in-experienced’ writers or YouTube content creators to have their work published or have access to feedback. This program aims to provide both, in a relaxed and positive environment with writers who are keen to share their own experiences and stories.

Who is it For?

The PN2 Ambassador Program is open to all students, studying or otherwise, who are 18 years old or younger. Even if you’ve never written before. It’s always open and always ready for the new generation of writers.

How Does it Work?

If you’re under 18 years of age and want to talk about a video game you love, whether it be a review or a general article, we want to read it. The best will be published right here on PN2 and those chosen become a member of the Ambassador Program, where you’ll be given the opportunity to learn and grow your skills and play a few video games too.

All you have to do is send us an article. It can be about whatever game you like, as long as it follows the following rules:

  1. Be at least 800 words in length.
  2. Be about a video game of your choosing (whether it be a review/preview or general article, that decision is entirely up to you).
  3. No profanity (obviously).
  4. Be sent to editor@playniceplaynow.com in a WORD (.doc or .docx) document or PDF format.

But Why?

There are a lot of writers out there who, at an early age, have very few outlets or require some kind of experience in order to gain a position on a writing team, and not just a site about video games. Most will blog it up on their own and eventually find an outlet, but many will struggle to gain a position not just because of a lack of experience, but a lack of direction. We want to provide an outlet to you, just for fun, but also to have a place to come to and write and gain some feedback, maybe learn a thing or two in the process.

Great, but What Happens When I’m Chosen?

If you become a member of the PN2 Ambassador Program, there’s only two things we ask of you.

  1. Write from the heart.
  2. Write with fun in mind.

Anyone who’s chosen is expected to write when they can, how often they can, with the knowledge that what they’re writing becomes experience. That’s in terms of writing but also in terms of being involved with a writing team, important experience that can lead to bigger and better things. You’ll be on the front line of an industry that’s continually adapting and evolving to the needs of its audience, the face of a new generation of writers who can then pass on what they’ve learnt and grow to become something more.

FYI, we will be accepting

If you’re up to the task, if you think you can benefit from our experience or you just want to give it your best shot and see what happens, then sign up today by sending in your first article to editor@playniceplaynow.com.


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