Last week in our previous article on Duelyst, we took a quick look at how the game works and its origins from board-game, to Kickstarter, to a digital online multiplayer (CCG). In case you missed it, you can check it out here.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the Duelyst World Championships! The first official competition organised by Counterplay Games, where players from across the globe will compete from August of this year, through to May of 2017, for the chance to be invited to battle in the esteemed tournament and be crowned the Duelyst World Champion.

Players who earn their place will be known as Grandmasters, and there is a total of sixteen spots available for the competition. Here, I will attempt to break down the World Championship Circuit, and inform you of how to get your title of Grandmaster and subsequent invitation to the competition.

The upcoming months will be filled with opportunities for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike to prove their worth and receive their chance at glory. In order to become a Grandmaster, players will need to earn Circuit Points by competing in the Sanctioned Tournaments, Season Qualifiers, Duelyst Opens, and via the Ranked Ladder.

Each competition will be divided into group stages and use either single or double elimination, or Swiss rounds. These are all common tournament bracket types for competitive gaming. Points are distributed to players who place first, second, third, etc. and each will be awarded a set amount. To see how many points you can earn through the four competitive modes, check the Circuit Point distribution picture below.


Only the Ranked Ladder system is not listed here, as the developers are currently working out some of its flaws. However, all players who participate will receive a ranking and awarded points. So, rest assured that it will count towards your score.

The first eight Grandmaster slots will be given out during the Season Qualifiers. For each month leading up to the main event, this will be the most common way to gain your place into the World Championships. To do this, you’ll need to earn your Circuit Points by placing well in the Sanctioned Tournaments and the Ranked Ladder.

The top fifty players who score the most Circuit Points in a month, starting in August, will be invited to compete in the Season Qualifier, which takes place at the end of each month, with the winner receiving Grandmaster status. Losing in a qualifier does not mean you’re out, the top eight players of each qualifier will receive rollover points heading into the next month’s Season Qualifier. So, putting in the time will benefit you in the long-term.

The next four Grandmaster slots will be offered during the Duelyst Opens and will be conducted in-between the months of the Season Qualifier. The opens will work in a similar way, however, they will be available to all players without doing the hard yards of the Season Qualifiers. All these competitions will use the ‘Bloodborn’ match format, which are the standard rules for Duelyst gameplay.

The thirteenth Grandmaster slot is given out to the Duelyst Player of the Year, which will be determined by whoever has received the most Circuit Points during the qualifying seasons. While the fourteenth Grandmaster slot will be given to the winner of the Trial of Champions.


For this competition, the next four players with the highest number of Circuit Points will compete in a vertical-style elimination tournament. Starting with the player with the fourth highest circuit points, they will battle the player in third place. Each continuous winner will work upwards in these knock-out style rounds until they reach the first player.

Whoever wins the final match will be crowned Grandmaster and receive their invitation to the Duelyst World Championships. All the matches in the Trial of Champions are best of five, using the ‘Aestari’ Match Format, which means players will choose four factions and ban one of their opponent’s generals before starting a match and must continue to use the same squad throughout.

The final two spots for the Duelyst World Championships will be determined in The Vanishing Window competition. This will call upon the remaining one hundred and twenty-eight players with the highest total of Circuit Points, to compete in double elimination brackets.

These are also best of five and will use the ‘Senerai’ format. Whenever a game ends, the winning player’s squad can no longer be used for the rest of the match. So having a strong deck and tactics becomes a vital component to winning. The losing player can switch to one of their other available choices. The final two players will be awarded the last Grandmaster slots to the Duelyst World Championships.

This is a very complicated, yet interesting and brilliant way of creating continuous community events for Duelyst players to determine the best. Here is an overall summary of how the World Championship slots will be available.

Season Qualifiers – Eight slots

Duelyst Opens – Four slots

Player of the Year – One slot

Trial of Champions – One slot

Vanishing Window – Two slots

But of course, everything is subject to change. In the final part of our introduction, I’ll speak to the second place winner of the August’s Season Qualifier and local player ‘Humans’ on many topics surrounding the game.

Are you on your way to becoming a Grandmaster? Tell us about it in the comments.


Tim Pearce is a freelance journalist and contributor to PN2. Go say hi over on MeatBaitMedia!

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