shantaepc-2_1024x1024Limited Run is set to publish physical editions of the two most recent Shantae games, Risky Revenge Director’s Cut and The Pirate’s Curse for the PlayStation 4 later this month.

Both games will be region free and apparently feature variants of reversible cover art. Which cover is facing outward will be chosen at random and Limited Run cannot take requests or guarantee will variant you will receive.

Both games will be available at 10 AM Eastern Time on Friday, October 28th. A second batch will be offered on the same day at 6 PM ET. Both games are also limited to 6000 copies each. Once they sell out, they will never be available again.

Shantae is a long running 2-D platformer series with the fourth entry Shantae: The Half-Genie Hero set for release later this year on all current gen consoles. The series is developed by Wayforward.

Limited Run has been publishing physical copies of indie games for PS4 and PS Vita for some time now with the Shantae games being the 24th and 25th releases. Each game features a full-colour manual and is numbered on the back. You can find more on Limited Run and Shantae here.


Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @ DrVane

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