You may have heard that United Front Games, creators of the well received open world title ‘Sleeping Dogs’ silently closed their doors this week. Though the full details of why they shut down haven’t been fully revealed, we’re sad to see another quality studio come to an end.

It’s especially disheartening when you consider their most recent in-development title, Smash & Grab, was coming along so nicely. The studio just recently ran a free weekend for the third-person brawler and it certainly looked the goods. We’re hopeful the game may still yet see the light of day at another studio, either under a different name or perhaps even with the same team in a new form, but for now we’re left in the dark as to its future. So far no updates have been posted on the official social media accounts or the company website, though it’s since been noted that Smash & Grab no-longer appears on Steam.

United Front Games were based out of Vancouver and had a strong resume of previously developed titles under their belts, having also worked on LittleBigPlanet Karting, Modnation Racers, the definitive edition of the most recent Tomb Raider reboot on PS4 and Xbox One and, of course, Sleeping Dogs. That title became a sleeper hit upon release, and it’s still played to this day by many fans. It might not be as revered as GTA, but it’s worth checking out if you’re into open worlds with a unique perspective and melee combat.

We wish everyone at United Front Games good luck, take care and hopefully you’ll find your place amongst the development community real soon.

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