Welcome to this week’s roundup of our favourite new comic series’, one-shots and graphic novels. With a heavy focus on indie comics, we hope to open your eyes to some great content that you may not have known existed. This week its 80s slasher films, zombie dads, the end of the world, cybernetic eyes and the return of Love & Rockets.

NOTE several comics featured are digital only. You can find them at either the publisher’s website or Comixology.

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1


Jon Rivera, Michael Avon Oeming – Young Animal

Published by the new DC imprint Young Animal, this bizarre tale follows Cave Carson, a recently widowed former adventurer who is pulled back below the Earth’s surface to face a secret from his past that he thought was buried forever. Also, his daughter is away at college, and the cybernetic eye is causes hallucinations. Get on it!

Love & Rockets #1


Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez – Fantagraphics

Love & Rockets is back in an all-new on-going series. For all the aficionados out there this is also vol. 4 of the series. Jaime’s old punk friends don’t want to be punk anymore, and the evil Princess Animus has amnesia. Gilbert’s family drama takes centre stage when Fritz discovers a grandchild she didn’t know existed.

Lore of Gore #1


D.B. Stanley, Danel Leister – Devil’s Due Entertainment

Lord of Gore looks to channel 80’s slasher films and possibly take inspiration from Scream 2 at the same time. In 1989 the actor in a slasher film brutally murdered a young actress in a more horrifying way then the slasher himself. Decades later on the eve of a modern reboot, a screenwriter learns new information about the crime. Once again, the slasher steps off the screen to stop the writer from sharing what he knows.

Darkhorse Presents 3 #27


Various – Darkhorse

Each issue in this series comprises of standalone tales and continuous short stories. This time round, a young tailor joins an elite club with remarkable, and violent, entry criteria. It’s set in 1930s Paris Plus, Al Gordon and Bo Hamptons The Once and Future Tarzan reaches its conclusion!

Undad #1 (Digital Only)


Stu Rase – Prince Delight

What happens when your Dad becomes a zombie? Not the Dawn of the Dead zombie but the Shaun of the Dead type. This new comic series by craftsmith Stu Rase is a comedy about a missing child and a zombie dad recalling the life he lost.

Complex (Graphic Novel, Digital Only)


Douglas Noble – Strip For Me

Complex asks an interesting question. What do four scientists sitting in an abandoned research station do to pass the time while waiting for the end of the world? This genre-defying comic explores the stories we tell each other and the creeping horror of inevitability.

World Without End: The Complete Collection


James Delano, John Higgins – Dover

“Millions of years in the future, a new world emerges — a world made of living flesh, surrounded by acidic seas. Rotten at the edges, awash in gangrene swamps, and bristling with mountains of bone, the planet’s simmering core houses the stark city of Bedlam, where an all-male race suppresses every manifestation of femininity. In this magnificently illustrated dreamscape of brutality and eroticism, a mysterious female presence called Rumour arises to challenge super-commando Brother Bones in a deadly war between the sexes.” This story looks awesome and has a little of everything. It’s on my ‘to read pile’. It’s also the most expensive title ever featured in this section. $19.99 and that’s the digital price.

R.E.M. (Graphic Novel, Digital Only)


Ryan Colucci, Zsomber Huszka – Spoke Lane Entertainment

Michael Letto, a brilliant but paranoid neuroscientist, locked himself away from the outside world. Since his first and only love died, he’s become consumed with unlocking the mystery of sleep. Based on the principles of yoga, Michael invents a chair that enables him to attain a full night’s sleep in a matter of minutes. His theories bring him to the attention of the military and a religious order that wants to use his research to attain enlightenment, and a dangerous cat and mouse begins as Michael’s world deteriorates. REM has all the trappings of an excellent horror/sci-fi tale. Huskza’s monotone art looks amazing and terrifying at the same time.

That’s our pick of the week. What are you reading” Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below.

Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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