Aussie developed Rogue Singularity has hit Steam early access, and it looks like it’s coming along nicely.

Haven’t heard of it yet? Here’s the skinny. Rogue Singularity is a puzzle platformers delight, a ‘high speed obstacle course’ which has the look and feel of a classic 3D adventure from the N64/PS era. As the world tears itself apart around you (hence the title), you’ll be dodging a number of crazy robotic contraptions in your personally crafted character and maybe, maybe avoid being flattened by a robot Rhino.

The key point here is speed, developers Considerable Content have said it themselves that the game is designed with speedrunning in mind. You’ll be able to race each level with the fastest ghost times available, either to make you feel like you’re in a real world competition or simply to remind you how slow/bad you are. The studio is also hard at work ensuring that every new level you play is unique to you, so you can set the first official time before the level goes out to the rest of the community to challenge. It’s a cool take on procedural generation, allowing other players to see, share and play your unique experience.

You can download Rogue Singularity via the Steam Early Access program now, and it’s 15% off for a limited time.


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