Brisbane’s Satellite Reign, Victoria’s Armello and UNSW’s Journey to the Centre of the Cell are among the Australian nominations for this year’s Unity Awards.

Satellite Reign, developed by 5 Lives Studios, is up for a Best Desktop/Console game award, against Inside, Firewatch, Superhot, Enter the Gungeon and Virginia, all deserving of the nomination.

League of Geeks’ Armello has been nominated in the Best 3D Visuals category, where it must compete against Firewatch, Inside, ReCore, The Room Three and Epistory. Having played all those games, it’s a tough category to pick a winner from.

You may not have heard of Journey to the Centre of the Cell, a virtual reality tour through a cancer cell and developed by the University of NSW, though it could easily be mistaken for a science fiction epic on the HTC Vive instead. The experience has been nominated under the Best Vizsim (or Visual Simulation) Project category. That’s a virtual reality tour I’m keen to take.

The three projects are then listed along side all the big names from the past year of Unity developed video games for the ultimate prize, the Unity Golden Cube award. We wish them all good luck!

You can vote across all ten categories including those listed above via the official website, with the winners to be announced at Unite 2016 in Los Angeles this November 1st through 3rd. You’ve got less than two weeks, so you’d better get in quick and vote on your favourites.

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