Last week we talked about a wedding in Warframe, and as we mentioned then there have been plenty of instances of proposals and in-game weddings over the years. But notch this Destiny proposal up as one of the sweetest … both in nature and in context.

Rami Ismail, one half of Ridiculous Fishing creators Vlambeer, had a proposal waiting for him within the relatively unknown video game shooter, Destiny. Little did he know that his partner Adriel had secretly put together a plan that would bring the two together in a rather unique way. Thanks to the fine folk at Bungie, Adriel was able to bend down on one knee (an animation that doesn’t exist in the game proper) whilst a specially designed ‘Ring of Eternity’ and a letter expressing her love awaited at the Postmaster.

Luckily, the recent DDOS attack that took down a majority of the internet last week didn’t interfere too much, though it was touch and go. We wish the happy couple all the best for the future and we do wonder … will the wedding be in-game too?

FYI, he said yes.

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