The Nintendo 64 had its fair share of awesome, classic titles, but many forget one of the better Doom sequels also appeared on the 64-bit console. Some may have thought it a port of the original classic, but it was actually an entirely new and unique experience complete with new levels, enemies and a plot that followed after Doom and Doom 2.

This Halloween (the perfect time to fight a bunch of monsters, of course), you’ll be able to re-live Doom 64 thanks to the upcoming Brutal Doom 64 mod for Doom 2, created using the open source GZDoom engine. Check it out in action via the trailer below.

It looks fantastic, maybe not as detailed as this year’s Doom reboot on modern consoles, but just as dark, fast and brutal. The first version of Brutal Doom 64 will hopefully hit around Halloween itself, with all 32 levels and content originally cut from the N64 release. Be sure to visit the official page on ModDB to download it and get an idea of what you need in order to play it. What better way to spend an evening than killing ghouls, am I right?

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