Oh Pokemon Go, you little cheeky you. For all the talk about how life changing the game would be for Pokemon fans (and to be fair, for a lot of people still playing, it kinda is), one of the biggest releases of the entire 2016 has kinda fallen into a quiet hum of minor updates for months now. Developers Niantic are now ready to introduce their first ‘event’ with a new Halloween update set to drop in a few days.

Pokemon Go Halloween, which will run from October 26th to November 1st, will increase the chance of finding a ghost or psychic Pokemon in your area and double the amount of candy you’ll receive when catching or transferring Pokemon. Makes perfect sense really, though the coolest part is that it doubles the amount of candy your Buddy Pokemon gets as you walk with it.

Still, as much as it’s cool to have something new to do (or to catch all the Magikarp candy, still doing that) we wonder how long it will take before a major update hits. Something that adds new Pokemon or the long rumoured trade system. It could be the new year before we see either change, which is a damn shame for a game that still holds so much promise.

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