Looking for a new comic series or an entry point to a long-running franchise? Look no further as we explore the week’s best new indie comics and graphic novels. This week it’s disappearing towns, Brian Epstein and Wonder Woman qualifies for the pension.

NOTE several comics featured are digital only. You can find them at either the publisher’s website or Comixology.

Bloodshot U.S.A. #1


Jeff Lemire, Doug Braithwaite – Valiant

I started reading Bloodshot a while ago simply because Jeff Lemire was involved. His work on the series does not disappoint. Lemire writes short story arcs, making Bloodshot incredibly accessible, jumping from modern day, to a distant ‘Mad Max’ future to an origin story and now to Bloodshot USA. “Project Rising Spirit’s top-secret contagion has been released onto the streets of America’s greatest metropolis: New York City. As mayhem engulfs Manhattan, Bloodshot must lead the most dangerous invasion ever waged on American soil.”

Spook House #1


Eric Powell, Steve Mannion – Albatross

If you are looking to scare your kids this Halloween, but not too much try giving them a copy of Spook House. Spook House is an all new anthology of scary camp fire stories for kids. It’s written by Eric Powell who worked on the awesome Goon series.

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special


Various – DC

Wonder Woman has been around since December 1941. That’s a big deal. Now an ambassador for the U.N. with a new film on the way, there’s a good chance Diana Prince will be around to celebrate 150 years. This special comic celebrates everything Wonder Woman, with new stories, art and illustrations. Contributors include Rafael Albuquerque, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Renae De Liz, Brenden Fletcher, Adam Hughes, Karl Kerschl, Gail Simone and more.

Better Off Dead #1 (Digital Only)


Phillip Rogers, Bilicic – Dino-Rawr

Westerns can offer so much simply by being set in the west. The lawlessness, violence, simpler times. For me they always work as an escape. Better Off Dead is no exception.  “Dark clouds gather over the Whiskey Saloon as trouble brews inside. A messenger delivers a deadly ultimatum to the town’s criminal ringleader. Things get out of control downstairs and a mysterious stranger arrives with a score to settle. Batten the hatches and prepare for a Storm in Hell…”

The Nightmare Patrol #1 (Digital Only)


Bruce Haas, JC – Vector

A supernatural mystery, possessed militants and a team of misfit monsters. What more could you ask for? “An entire town of people has disappeared and a classified military base is under siege by people possessed by Legion. Now a misfit team of monsters is unleashed by the government to prevent a worldwide catastrophe.”

Drums (Graphic Novel, Digital Only)


El Torres, Abel Garcia – Amigo

The acclaimed digital comic series that’s been hard to find is now compiled into one digital easy to find book. “FBI Agent Martin Irons is tasked to investigate the bizarre deaths at a Santeria ritual in the heart of Florida. As a foreboding storm swarms over the city, one of the victims comes back as a zombie and put Iron’s case in a whole new category. With the Santeria drums beating as the thunder rolls, Irons and his team look to find answers for the deaths, while also trying to prevent more tragedy!” The graphic novel is 109 pages long and only $5.99. I’d call that a bargain.



Chuck Palahniuk, Various – Dark Horse

Everyone’s favourite off-colour writer has his very own adult colouring book that tells eight quirky stories as you colour. It also operates as Chuck’s second short story collection. Chuck had this to say about his book. “Maybe between your colours, the artists’ designs, and my stories we can create something that endures. Something worth keeping. Let’s create a well-bound book that can sit on any shelf and be available for a new generation to discover and enjoy.”

The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story


Vivek J. Tiwary, Kyle Baker – Dark Horse

Anyone who likes the Beatles will know that their manager Brian Epstein guided them to stardom and that his death had a profound effect on the band and their friendships. This graphic novel recounts the story of the visionary manager. This version is the second edition, the first was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s the same great story with a revised sketchbook and Beatles memorabilia bonus section with behind-the-scenes insights from writer Vivek Tiwary and artists Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker.

That’s our pick of the week. What are you reading? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below.

Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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