Aaaaaaaaaages ago, and I mean ages ago, there was a Micro Machines video game series, top down racing of the best kind. Having just come across Rattletrap Racing, it’s the first thing I thought of … except here, it’s less about the racing and more about destroying friendships. In a good way, mind.

Rattletrap Racing takes the basic concept of racing and places it within the exciting world of the party game, four players on one screen going at it like there’s no tomorrow. I mentioned Micro Machines since there’s an air of familiarity there, a top-down perspective and cars that certainly do seem like toys from a distance. But that’s where the similarities end.

Before a game begins, you’ll be given a few options. First thing’s first, you’ll have the choice of how your car handles, whether it chugs around a corner or powerslides for example. You’ll then get to choose a track to race around, before everyone lays out a collection of sneaky and dangerous traps around the track. Once the race begins, you’ll be competing to not only win the race, but to avoid embarrassment and total destruction.

It’s definitely an appealing concept, to someone like me who is a fan of racing games and the chance to play locally with a bunch of people who are just as evil as I am. Putting down traps should also appeal to those who aren’t the best at racing games, it’s like the spiky blue shell in Mario Kart, it can even out the experience between novice and expert.

You can vote for Rattletrap Racing on Steam Greenlight, with an expected release date of November this year from developers Itsfine Games.

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