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We’re this close to November, which means we’re also this close to Blizzcon, Blizzard’s party to end all parties of Blizzard stuff, in its official 25th Anniversary. There’s plenty to get excited about, including a potential Diablo reveal (given it’s celebrating an anniversary of its own) and perhaps, finally, a proper look at our next new character in Overwatch. But for many, it will be a chance to compete in some of the biggest end of year competitions across the best eSports based content, and for eSports fans around the world to watch in wonder at their talent.

There will be five major tournaments taking place across the next few days, culminating in many final rounds during Blizzcon itself on November 4th and 5th. It isn’t the obvious either, with the likes of the Overwatch World Cup, Starcraft 2 World Championship Series Global Finals and the Hearthstone World Championship joined by the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship and the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. All that’s missing is a Diablo tournament … hmm …

Most tournaments have already kicked off with various group matches, which you can watch officially via the website (you can also buy a Virtual Ticket, allowing you access to all panel streams, the opening and closing ceremony, and all the important stuff … and loot!). Personally, the Overwatch tournament will be prime viewing, giving us the first true taste of Blizzard’s showcase for its newest IP. You can expect further announcements on the future of the competition, of which we touched on last week.


paxSpeaking of major tournaments and conventions, PAX Australia is officially this coming weekend! The biggest gaming convention in Australia returns to Melbourne, and beyond the chance to get hands-on with some major upcoming AAA and Indie releases, there’s also the chance to partake in some eSports action too.

Friday sees all the action in Rocket League and the first Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare tournament, whilst Saturday and Sunday will play host to the ESL CS:GO Australia and New Zealand Championship Semi-Finals and Finals. You’ll also see action in the Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Outside of the tournaments, there’s also some interesting panels you might want to get in on, including RIOT Games Presents: Becoming a Professional eSports Player on Friday at the Gamespot Theatre (Friday 6-7pm) and a behind the scenes look a LOL’s newest champion in RIOT Games Presents: New Champion Creation on Saturday in the Main Theatre (3-4pm).

And of course there’s plenty of tournaments running across all three days in various video, pinball, board and card games, of which you can take part in or watch up close and personal. You can check out those and the complete schedule via the PAX Australia website. Tickets are still available for one day passes, so if you haven’t decided to go yet, now’s a better time than any.

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