In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act…

orwell02Vampires, werewolves, creatures of the night. For all the big ticket scares of Halloween time, there’s one legit scary business this modern era of technology has created. The Internet. Where anything can be discovered or taken, the Internet has quickly evolved itself into a massive security threat. One wrong move, one delicate piece of information in the wrong hands, and the consequences can be dire at best.

Osmotic Studios have played with that very concept with the episodic adventure, Orwell. Recruited into a new government controlled security program, you’re tasked with investigating the latest terror attack in the Nation. With the entire program at your finger tips, you must comb through the evidence to find potential culprits, though the potential for hidden secrets to be discovered that were never meant to be known can lead to dangerous situations, not just for these supposed suspects, but for you.

Orwell plays itself more like a modern day text based adventure, like the hacking of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs but at a far more personal and detailed level. Granted you won’t look like a computer hacking super machine here, neither will you need to recall DOS prompts and the like, but the thought of digging through the personal lives of strangers can way heavily on your conscious, despite the fact that none of these people ‘actually’ exist. You’ll be looking in on private conversations, checking emails, all the while piecing together where the real danger may reside.

So far two episodes in the Orwell series have been released, with a further three chapters headed to us courtesy of Australian publisher Surprise Attack over November. Its tale will no doubt become more delicate as it goes and, without providing any spoilers here, will probably leave us with as many questions on our own lives and those around us than just those we discover within Orwell itself.

Why not check it out on Steam, where you can download the first chapter as a demo for free. We’re curious to know what you think, not only in terms of Orwell but in our own lives as they stand right now, in this age of technology and increasingly dangerous levels of control. Where do you stand?

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