We’re most definitely fans of Limited Run. We’ve run a few articles on them in the past, those radical dudes and dudettes with the intention of bringing as many indie hits to home bookshelves and collector’s alike, and this week they’re bringing along classy beat ’em up Skullgirls and stealth based puzzler Volume to their online store.

The Skullgirls limited run set for PS4 and PSVita will bring together the full Skullgirls 2nd Encore along with a highly detailed instruction manual, full to the brim with character profiles and move lists, and a selection from the musical score on CD. You can preorder it as of today, and in Limited Run tradition there’s only a certain number that will be packaged and shipped, so you’d better get your preorder in before closing on November 14th. If you’re one of the lucky ones to get your order in, it’ll ship to you by January 2017.


Volume will be available this Friday, November 4th for PlayStation Vita. 4,800 copies will be available, which packages the game onto a region free cartridge with a full colour manual and gold-foiled cover. There will be two batches on sale, so keep a close eye on the website for any updates as it goes on sale.


You can be guaranteed that both of the above will sell out in a short space of time, so set your reminder alarms on your phone and circle those dates on your calendar, you won’t want to miss either of them. Head to the official Limited Run website for more details.

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