migw_logo_pink_rgbIt’s Melbourne International Games Week! All week, we will be placing the focus on Australian talent near and far, in all forms of the gaming community…

So we put the call out yesterday for anyone who attended GCAP: Loading, and the response was amazingly positive. There’s a lot of talented people out there, young and old, but it’s great to see the conference itself paid off for so many of you.

“When we heard of the event some friends and I decided we had to fly down for it,” says Sydney based programmer and Macquarie University student, Jamie Rollo, “we’ve been big fans of GDC talks for ages so the event seemed perfect.”

Jamie took the chance to attend the conference, and certainly hopes to implement some of the lessons learnt as he goes forward with his own work, the 2D platformer Silver Grapple.

The talks were very informative. Networking, finding a job and freelancing, working as a triple A developer or creating an independent start up were all topics that I found fascinating, I came out of the talks with much more than I’d hoped to gain going in and would absolutely do it again, or at the very least start coming to more events like it.

– Jamie Rollo,

For some, the conference was an opportunity to find their place, though there’s an element of intimidation that can come from being in a room full of hopeful developers and talented individuals standing before them. For Ryan Whitmore, finding his identity within this constantly growing industry is a key part to his future plans, and attending conferences such as GCAP: Loading certainly helped to formulate such a plan.

“One of the most eye opening points was just how broad and diverse the work opportunities are in the industry, which is both inspiring and motivating, but always daunting and intimidating,” he explains, “The industry is competitive, brutal, huge, and demanding, and I’m still trying to formulate my plan, my approach, and my identity for how to make it work for me and become my industry as well.”

The uniqueness of everyone’s story and individual persistence is a major key to success. Putting yourself out there and just trying things is the best way to work on, showcase, and perfect your skills. Networking is imperative. Especially for designers.

– Ryan Whitmore

Despite that air of overwhelming information, an understandable side-effect for younger students at such a major event, all those that responded were quick to say how much fun the day was. All of the presenters at the conference, from Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail to PAX Australia Content Manager Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg, delivered eye opening presentations on a wide range of topics. Networking tips, how to find a job in the industry, just some of the important things that are easy to talk about at University level, but when it comes from the people within the industry itself, it can be far more engaging and informative.

GCAP Loading had some really great talks from some people who really knew their stuff.  If I had any criticism it was that there was SO MUCH info to digest over the course of the day that it was a bit overwhelming!
– Kip Brennan
We’re proud to have supported GCAP: Loading for 2016. We certainly wish all the students who attended the event the best of luck going forward in their careers, whatever form that may take. Your stories and messages of thanks are uplifting, and we hope to continue to support the future of our industry any way we can. If you missed GCAP: Loading but want to know and learn more, be sure to visit the official website and keep an eye out for future events. We’ll do our best to keep you informed here too.

Image Courtesy MCV Pacific. Our thanks to Liam Esler and the GDAA team.

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