migw_logo_pink_rgbIt’s Melbourne International Games Week! All this week we will be placing the focus on Australian talent near and far, in all forms of the gaming community and beyond.

Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) begins its two day long conference today, with the theme this year revolving around the diversity and strength of the Australian video game development industry.

If you’ve never heard of GCAP, it’s a chance for the game development professionals to gather in one place to address a number of key issues over the past year and more, with plenty of guest speakers providing their voice to the gathering across a number of topics. But can you imagine some of the talent all in one room? So many amazing Australian studios, and plenty of new ones partaking in their first conference too.

The GCAP theme this year is ‘The Shoulders of Giants’. Inspired by the diversity and strength of the Australian industry, the theme represents the idea that we all stand on the shoulders of giants, and we are all shoulders for others. It speaks to the incredible community we have in Australia, past, present and future – and how through collaboration and communication we can all achieve success.


This year’s opening keynote will be addressed by Narrative Director at Certain Affinity, Corey May. I’ll say right now that I’m amazingly jealous of everyone who will get the chance to hear him speak during the conference, given Corey’s importance to the Assassin’s Creed franchise among many others over the years and leading a number of GDC presentations on storytelling too. Very jelly. Corey will be joined by fellow international guest Innes McKendrick of Hello Games, who will be involved with the closing keynote and will no doubt have many interesting stories to tell from the past few months.

There’s a number of other international guests taking part, including Ron Gilbert (design and creator of Monkey Island), Doomsday Clicker creator Ryan Langley, Ubisoft’s Aleissa Laidacker and many more. It’s also an opportunity for many developers to meet and greet, perhaps sharing a story or two on their own success stories or hard lessons learnt.

GCAP runs the event annually, and now as part of Melbourne International Games Week. If you’re a budding game developer, it’s the best opportunity to get involved and learn a thing or two in the process, maybe even make a few friends. Be sure to keep an eye on the website for future events run across the year by the Game Developers’ Association of Australia and definitely consider attending in 2017.

Will you be attending the GCAP conference this year? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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