It’s not often I can say I’m the same age as a book that’s now a big time video game, but here goes. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain was originally published in 1982 (and now you know how old I am … bugger), an RPG that launched the Fighting Fantasy series of novels by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. That same book recently came back to life in the best possible way, as a PC tabletop RPG by long time gamebook translators Tin Man Games.

You’ll enter into the dungeon crawler and soon discover that this unique presentation isn’t something you may have come across before. The further you go in, the more you’ll discover of this strange place as the dungeon slowly reveals itself to you as if a real life Dungeon Master is placing the pieces of the board right there and then, the turn-based combat played out like little toys bashing against each other. It’s endearing, in a ‘kids and his lego’ kind of way, but also as a perfect representation of what it’s like to play a game of D&D and imagining what the battlefield might look like.

If you’re keen for a good dungeon crawl but maybe not another Diablo clickathon, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is definitely worth checking out. Better still, it’s on special on Steam all of this week to celebrate Melbourne International Games Week, so there’s the perfect reason to go purchase it right now. You don’t have to be a fan of the books to get into it either, though if you are a fan there’s definitely no excuse.

Tin Man Games has a ton of other Fighting Fantasy books in its back catalogue of PC games, if this does take your fancy and you want more, so go visit their website to find out more. You might even find them at PAX Australia.

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