A few months back we featured a Kickstarter campaign curated by Aussie comic scribe Ryan K Lindsay who was looking to fund his new comic Deer Editor: Hack. The campaign was a huge success, and the comic itself was a great read. Ryan wasted no time in backing up with another Kickstarter for a new comic, and he’s brought along a talented team of artists.

EIR is a 24-page sci-fi all age’s one-shot comic about exploration, weird aliens, deciding upon the best ways to communicate, as well as accepting rage and defeating grief. EIR tells the story of Sasha, who wakes one morning to find a sentient space helmet promising her adventure and a good time. Sasha accepts and flees into space. What ensues can only be described as “cosmically epic.”

On board for EIR is Alfie Gallagher who has been effortlessly smashing out art for over 30 years. Triona Farrel – known for her work at Boom! And Titan Comics and Ryan Ferrier takes care of the letters.

EIR is up on Kickstarter right now where you can score a PDF copy for only $1. Although I recommend the $3 tier which also includes another 60 pages of script, the art process and an essay of all age’s comic recommendations. There are also loads of other tiers that include pin-up artworks, the original comic covers and more.

EIR looks to be a fun all-ages space romp and if the talented team are anything to go by, sure to be a great read. You can find the EIR Kickstarter campaign here.




Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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