Hyper Jam is an explosive new arcade-like multiplayer game full of deadly weapons, stackable power-ups and furious round-based combat. The overhead camera captures the brutal arena combat as four players’ fight to the death in local matches.

Rocket launchers, crossbows, hammers, katanas and more are at your disposal, with points earned from dealing damage and making kills. After every round, players choose a new power-up that stays with them for the rest of the game. Stacking and combining power-ups create stronger and unique effects. In the interest of fairness, whoever is coming last gets first pick of the power-ups available for that round, leaving the winning player to make do with whatever’s left. Once someone reaches the score limit, they have to survive the round to win.

The characters and arenas are all inspired by 1980s neon and flair. The four characters that have been unveiled would look right at home in Miami Vice, Tron or Mad Max. The arenas range from a Neo Tokyo subway to a skyline hotel in Miami. Each arena also features traps to make your life more difficult.

The synth-wave soundtrack is certainly one of the game’s strongest elements. The addictive beats sound like remixed versions of 80s video games tunes. The music is by Vulta and Dance with the Dead.

Hyper Jam was showcased at PAX AU, a short drive for the developer Bit Dragon who is also based in Melbourne. You can vote for Hyper Jam right now on Steam Greenlight where it’s already broken the top 100 games in less than two days.

The neon-infused arenas, addictive 80s beats and competitive couch multiplayer have my attention. Hyper Jam looks like it was made specially for me and I can’t wait to go hands on.

Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane


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