l4dRemember how we were talking about Turtle Rock Studios , how they moved on from Evolve to their next project? Well someone inside the studio decided now was a better time than ever to reveal a previously unreleased campaign level from Left 4 Dead.

Called ‘Dam it’, the surprise add-on to the original PC release brings together unfinished elements previously left on the cutting room floor by Valve, who took over development of the series whilst Turtle Rock shifted focus to Evolve. Dam it takes place following the events of Dead Air, the fourth campaign, which had the survivors refuel a C-130 plane to escape the Metro International Airport. Up until this point, it was suggested that the aircraft eventually crashed, leading to the events of Blood Harvest. This campaign level would have linked the stories between both Dead Air and Blood Harvest, explaining what happened to the survivors and the events that preceded the crash.

According to a fairly detailed image where you can find below, the plane has crashed into a rural airfield (possibly due to a lack of fuel). The survivors must then proceed through a fuel storage building (which, if a fire based weapon or a Smoker is killed, a ‘Panic Event’ occurs as the fire alarms blare wildly), through an infected apple orchard before eventually making it to a logging camp. It’s here that players would have been tasked with splitting into two teams, one team sniping from an overhead fire tower whilst the other team cleared the path by finding a winch on the far side.

The eventual finale would have taken place on a massive Hydro Electric Dam, and escaping from there would have led them to their campsite in a dense forest, the setting for Blood Harvest’s opening.

It should be made clear, this is an unfinished piece of DLC. If you do decide to download it and give it a shot, be prepared for missing effects, textures and certain events that don’t trigger as they would have if they had been finished. Having said that, don’t be surprised if a group of talented modders decide to finish it on Turtle Rock’s behalf, given most of the work is complete.

So while we wait for the moment where Valve remembers that the number three exists, here’s the perfect way to relive your favourite Left 4 Dead memories, with a glimpse into the possibilities had Turtle Rock continued on with their original plans. You can find the full instructions on how to install it here. Will you be trying it out? Let us know if you do.


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