Now that we’ve reached the end of what seemed like an eternity of the political character assassinations and the mudslinging circus that is the United States Presidential Election, why not try and reach the outcome you want with The Political Machine 2016 from Stardock Entertainment.

Pick from a plethora of already existing candidates, or customise your own, and travel across the country speaking at events, taking guest spots on television talk shows, and influencing voters with honest, and not so honest, tactics in your cutthroat race to the White House.

Hold as many states as you can as a Republican, Democrat or an Independent. Check your standings with the people, deal with broiling scandals, and be sure to press the issues. All of which will impact your chances of winning. You can also challenge your friends for the Presidency in the multiplayer mode.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have the foresight to show exactly what will happen to the US, and the world, if your candidate actually wins for real… never mind, maybe in a future update. Then again, maybe it’s better to be oblivious. You can check it out on Steam here. Let the campaign begin – again!

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